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We provide student loan relief in Davenport, IA and the surrounding area

It’s easy to let your student loan payment slide if you’re struggling to pay rent and buy food. If you find yourself having to choose what payments to make, River City Angels can help. Our student loan assistance program can help you make your loan payment if you’ve lost your job or had your hours cut.

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3 ways our relief program can help you
Ensuring you can make your monthly loan payment is essential. You don’t want to fall behind on payments and watch your debt grow. If you win our monthly drawing for student loan relief, we’ll make a payment directly to your loan company. This:
  • Prevents your debt from growing
  • Helps you maintain your credit score
  • Allows you to make other necessary payments
We currently cap our student loan relief payments at $500. You won’t need to worry about applying every month-we’ll automatically enter you for the next month’s drawing. Fill out the form if you’d like to enter our student loan assistance drawing.

Student Loan Relief